Brandason is dedicated to supporting the next generation of burgeoning and visionary brands in becoming global entities of change through sustained and cutting edge solutions in business communications.


We're a boutique communications firm delivering bespoke solutions in marketing, advertising, corporate communications and events.


How do we achieve this?


Honestly, it varies. Sometimes, it requires a strategic marketing and communications plan to help a business enter new markets successfully and profitably.  In some cases, we had to 'renovate' a client's digital touchpoints (websites, social media pages, blogs and even official WhatsApp pages), so that it properly feeds into their sales funnel.

Often, it means developing catchy jingles, commercials and explainer videos for an advertising campaign.

The scope of services we provide is highly customized and can include projects as simple as designing a striking presentation with a clear focus and crisp content for a B2B company, to help them wow their next big client or win an investor.  And then there are the sales scripts for call centres and sales representatives, helping them generate and convert more leads.

In rare cases, it’s meant going back to the drawing board, helping clients rediscover their ‘Why?’ so that we can realign their strategy with their purpose, and create amazing campaigns and graphics that speak to their new ‘now’.

On our downtime, we're working with other professionals and experts who partner our volunteer program, offering their skills and knowledge in support of our 'pro-bono' projects for NGO's. 


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Email: emily@brandason

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